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Mens shoes

There was a time when size 10 was considered ‘huge’ and the lucky wearers of such shoes had to order their footwear at shoemaker’s specialized in large size shoes! Seeing an ad for big size shoes in the newspaper was certainly a good reason to celebrate.

Nowadays, things have changed because the average height of men has increased considerably and, consequently, so has the size of their footwear. Mens shoes in size 10 in the UK corresponds to 44.5 in other European countries; though it is quite large, it does no longer look so big; actually it is very common.

That is why size 10 has become popular with designer shoes as well. Men who need it have a much wider shoe choice, compared to what they could find decades ago. Choosing the right pair of shoes is always a problem and a good selection of footwear cannot be acquired in one week. It takes time and sometimes a lot of money to get exactly what a modern man’s wardrobe should contain. Moreover, you need innate (or acquired) good taste and the basic rules of the art of dressing to be able to choose and match the right items of clothing on every occasion.

Finding Mens Size 10 Shoes!

If you think that women are the only ones having a hard time finding the proper shoes you are completely wrong. Men’s shoes are as important as the cut of their suits, or accessories like ties and jewellery. Even sports clothes require a certain brand and style of sports shoes and this is serious business.

It must be very frustrating to enter a shop and have a look at the latest fashion in shoes only to find that they don’t do your size. While it is so difficult to get exactly what you like from the wide selection of shoes available in a famous shop, having to leave without the nice pair of shoes you saw in the window is a terrible thing.

Luckily, today’s man has no such problems. Size 10, which may not be small, is not very large either and wearers of this size not only find it in regular shops but also in online stores. A simple search will produce a wide range of nice-looking up-to-date items of which it is impossible not to pick the very thing you are looking for.

Try browsing by the size and you will be surprised to find an endless line of big-name shoes coming to sight. After all, 9-10 is probably the shoe size of many attractive 6’0”male models and of their taller peers you might know!

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